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strangely amusing life
17th-Feb-2009 12:28 pm

There are a several types of people according to how they present themselves.

an Iceberg: somebody who says only the bare minimum but means more than just what was said. Icebergs can be dangerous and finicky but they are grand people tend to have great ideas and a wealth of creativity and insight.
a Peach: somebody whose words comes out soft, colorful and fuzzy something that is pleasant, appealing and inviting or comforting, but then directly underneath is something juicy and sweet something substantial, interesting and helpful to others. But then there is the core, what was intended and the thing that could sprout, it is tough and hard to crack it can hurt if you bite in it but can also become fruitful. But if left uncared for the whole thing can rot. These people tend to be good leaders motivational and well liked but also have very good insights.
a Rose: this one is slightly strange. the words are well said and generally well accepted but has very little practical use and if followed it will tend to stab you, meaning that it wont go as said. These are people that say alot and are good speakers but have little to back it up. They can become successful but in the long run wilt and fail.
A mountain: These people are grand, they have great ideas and a big heart and enthusiasm and let everybody know about it. They are very talkative and social.  But not everybody can put up with them and they can become barriers to more important things and may miss the details. Can be annoying and barren and lost. Also not always most intelligent and can be very simple.
A booby trap: These are people who are manipulative with their words. They pick things that seem harmless and maybe even attractive or something you might be sympathetic to, but they mean something completely different, sometimes harmful. they set you up and can be very smart even insightful but not necessarily wise and considerate and tend to be rash and also have a weak spot that can make them crumble. 
A mouse: these people are a little selfish but don't realize it. They are gentle with their words and never really have a loud voice.
A castle: these people tend to be silent unless they have something to say and when they say it its powerful and impressive. But they say exactly what they mean. they are hard to penetrate and can be stubborn. 

not done yet just ran outta time

20th-Feb-2009 04:01 am (UTC)
I like this. Very creative and legit
20th-Feb-2009 05:52 am (UTC)
haha thanks I'm too lazy to finish it though.
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